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Family Perfect

New Release

A family fuelled by depravity

A son with a terrible secret

A little girl who just wants to please her daddy

Meet the Burns family, who have a different way of enjoying themselves.

Austin Burns is an ordinary fifteen year old, who would have a love for life if it wasn’t for the terrible thing he’s been hiding.

Kelly Burns, at only seven, is coming of age, and has a fear of the basement. Not for what’s down there, she can handle that, it’s what she has to do when the door at the top of the stairs closes.

Ted and Francine are the proud parents of five, wonderful children, respectful, intelligent and polite. But things are not always as they seem, and this family is one you definitely would not want to upset.



 Egor The Rat

Egor the Rat

A Short Story

Warning! Full of blood and gore, if squeamish stay away.

Egor is a rat, a big fat dirty smelly scavenging scary rat. Whenever Egor struts down the street, confident in his ability to hold his own among the dull and un-educated, people moved in a wide arch; they shriek and scream when he would be doing nothing more than eating a half left over burger someone had carelessly tossed inside a bus shelter the night before. But, as rats go, Egor, and he had no idea whatsoever how he had come across that name, was not a normal rat, you see – he’s dead

But being dead isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, has he finally met his match in the form of Jerry, a 3 1/2 year old going on 4.  It’s dead against alive in this battle of wits – who will survive?