Egor is a rat, a big fat dirty smelly scavenging scary rat. Whenever Egor struts down the street, confident in his ability to hold his own among the dull and un-educated, people move in a wide arch; they shriek and scream when he would be doing nothing more than eating a half left over burger someone had carelessly tossed inside a bus shelter the night before.  But, as rats go, Egor, and he had no idea whatsoever how he had come across that name, was not a normal rat, you see – he was dead.

But being dead isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, has he finally met his match in the form of Jerry, a three and half year old, going on four. It’s dead against alive in this battle of wits—who will survive?


Egor the Rat


Egor came to me one afternoon while looking through several possible submission possibilities. One that caught my eye was a story for a Zombie Zoology anthology. I’d been playing around with the idea for a zombie rat but didn’t know where to take it. Then I thought about adding a child into the mix, and when that was done, the story almost wrote itself.

I missed out on the anthology by the way,

Egor was always different. He could think, and read, and think too much about why rats were treated so badly.

I wanted him to have a conscience and be aware of what he was doing, but also have a stubborn streak that pushed him further than he’d normally go.

I’ve not really explained yet, why he became a zombie, or who the dead rats are that take him underground and devour him while at the same time reading him his rights, so to speak.

Little Jerry was supposed to be fun and that’s what Egor wanted from the outset.

I wanted to write the story as if it were being read to a child, but full of all the good bloody gore that comes with a good horror story.

Jerry starts out hating the rat and wants nothing more than to help his family, but as you’ll find out, it doesn’t end up that way.




After his adventure with the little boy, Jerry Egor is battle scarred and tired. He needs to get away, relax and regain his lost strength.

The trouble is, he has a habit of finding trouble, or depending on how you look at things, fun. His next adventure takes him to the shores of Greece where shortly after his arrival he finds himself in a shady taverna, and its new owner, Abaddon Zurlo.

Will the pair exist in harmony? Can Egor find the peace he so desperate needs? Or will his European trip take a turn for the worst, catapulting Egor, once again into another rat filled adventure.

Blood and guts are aplenty so the squeamish are advised to stay away.

Egor and the Ouzo Taverna (Egor the Rat Book 2)


With this story I wanted to take Egor away from English soil, and as Greece is a place I’d like to visit, it seemed the perfect place for a black rat to go. Also, with all of the whiteness, I wanted to see how he coped and managed to get around unseen.


This time he goes head to head with a nasty taverna owner who’s not doing the right thing by anyone he comes into contact with.

Egor learns about the man, from some loose papers and a diary in his bedroom and decides that the world would be a better place without the horrible man.


Egor also finds a new love: Ouzo, and it’s a drink he’ll be coming across in many more of his adventures.

He also, once again finds himself below ground among the dead rats, who, while eating him alive, tell him to cause more chaos. They also decide that it’d be fun to see how he gets on, with the ability to walk.

So from the first story, we had a not so normal rat, but now we have one that can walk. This opens up so many possibilities for future tales and I’m looking forward to writing them.

Also, his dead rats have given him the ability to speak. Another thing that I thought would add some fun to the tales.

The final scenes in the story reveal another hinderance, something that’s been touched on before, but now it’s a full blown problem, so I really hope you like where it’s all going.





A trip on a cruise ship seemed like the best idea to Egor.

Where better to raid the kitchen and annoy the many old people intent on a pleasant trip.

As always with Egor things never seem to turn out as he’d like and while practicing his new walking skills he hears a child crying. A strange noise to say the least on a boat full of pensioners. What should he do after hearing such a noise? Carry on as he was and perfect his new skill? Or investigate like all good rats should?

Travel the high seas on Egor’s next adventure. One that could turn out to be his most difficult to date.

Egor and the Cruise Ship Nasty (Egor the Rat Book 3)


This story takes place where the last left off, and for his next adventure I wanted to turn him into a mini Rambo, and with his growing intelligence push him to make weapons from everyday things around him.

The stories are still written in the same format, but I’m going darker each time, and this is because Egor is evolving all the time, but with this comes new problems, one, being how to kill six men without biting them.

In one scene he has an ingenuous way of making several weapons from a curly egg cup.

FullSizeRender (4)

These are just some of the things he’s going to be faced with in the future and let me tell you: there’s a lot more from, Egor to come.